About Diablo Taiko

Diablo Taiko is a community taiko group affiliated with Diablo Japanese American Religious & Cultural Center in Concord. Taiko classes have been held at the center by various past members since around the mid-1990's though the current group has been playing together more recently from the past several years to one month ago! We have a total of approximately 25 members ranging from ages 12 through 85 and have led workshops and performed at countless schools, colleges, weddings, memorials, parades, theaters, privately held and community events for city, county and Japanese officials, several cancer support and Make A Wish walks and special venues including Yoshi's. Current DT members have performed as part of various community and professional taiko groups in California, Hawaii and Japan and have been taught by Kozuaki Tomida (Kodo, Japan), Masataka Kobayashi (Bonten, Japan), Seiichi Tanaka (SF Taiko), Marco Lienhard (Ondekoza), Kenny Endo (Hawaii), PJ Hirabayashi (SJ Taiko), Tiffany Tamaribuchi, Kristi Oshiro (Sacramento Taiko), Reverend Mas Kodani, Johnny Mori, George Abe (Kinnara, Hiroshima Jazz & SoCal Gagaku), and Zendeko, to name a few.